GED Testing In Maryland


Nearly 800,000 people take the high school equivalency exam each year making it the second most popular way of earning a high school credential after the traditional high school diploma. In Maryland, you can take the GED as a high school equivalency exam. To take the test, first, check the Maryland State office website to learn about the policies. After that, register to take your GED on the test website.

There are other programs that allow students get high school diplomas too. Many of these programs, including online schools are run by the school districts or other state agencies. It’s important you contact the right agency to avoid getting scammed.

Free tutoring, college scholarships, free job training, free counseling and other resources are available for GED seekers and low-income young adults through the local community colleges, the employment offices, and non-profit agencies. See the links below to take advantage of these resources.


High School Equivalency Exam

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High School Completion And Other Education Programs

School Districts

School districts offer various high school completion programs for students up to 21 years old.
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Community Colleges

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Employment Offices

Local employment offices provide various youth programs to low-income youth (age 14-21) who require additional assistance to complete an educational program, or to secure and hold employment. Youth services include tutoring, alternative school, summer employment, internships, job training, counseling and more.
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Merit-Based Scholarships for GED Graduates

Regina L. Milio Scholarship

$500 award to adult education learners who score highly on the GED. 

Senatorial and Delegate Scholarships

Students with GED's can apply for Senatorial and Delegate Scholarships. 

Chesapeake Scholarship

Chesapeake college offers a $1000 Adult Scholarship to students who completed their GED and enroll at Chesapeake college. 


Need-Based and Merit-Based State Scholarships



Social Services

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