Beware Fraudulent GED/High School Diploma Sites

Scheming RacoonYou can’t take the GED online or receive your high school diploma in 2 weeks from an online high school. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

In reality, a true GED credential is recognized by state and local jurisdiction authorities.

  1. If the state isn’t awarding you the GED credential, you’re paying money for something other than the GED test.
  2. If you’re taking the exam online or from home, you’re paying money for something other than the GED test.

Don’t take a site’s word that they’re accredited; they’ll say anything to get your money. To find out if a particular high school or online program is recognized or accredited by your state, contact your state’s Department of Education (find your state’s office here). Some organizations that are NOT approved are:

  • American Accreditation Council of Online Learning
  • National Association for Legal Support of Alternative Learning
  • American Association on Non-Traditional Private Post Secondary Education
  • Universal Accreditation Association for Online Distance Learning

You can report fraud at

Here is the list of fraudulent websites. This list may not be complete.

  • Aberdeen High School
  • Adison High School
  • Alford High School
  • Aspen High School
  • Aspire High School
  • Bayville High School
  • Beacon Falls High School
  • Belford High School
  • Capitol High School
  • Clarmont High School
  • Columbian Northern
  • Dalloway High School
  • Edison High School
  • Ellenwood Academy
  • Enterprise High School
  • Ford Worth High School
  • GED Options
  • Glacier Online Academy
  • Heritage West High School
  • Jefferson High School Online
  • John Adams High School
  • Kennedy High School
  • Liberty High School
  • Lincoln Academy
  • Long Island Home Study & East End Home Study
  • Lorenz High School
  • Mary Grand High School
  • Mayflower High School
  • McFord High School
  • McHill High School
  • Metro High School
  • Must High School
  • Nation High School
  • Paramont High School
  • PennFord High School
  • Remington High School
  • Rochville High School
  • SanFord High School
  • South Bristol High School
  • South City High School
  • St. Rene Descartes University
  • Titan High School
  • Vencer High School
  • West Madison Falls HS
  • Western Heritage High School
  • WinFord High School
  • WoodField High School





  1. Luz

    I am concern about a GED I did online on November 20th 2014 , how can I see if this is a fraud I didn’t see the name of the school on the list “Heritage Western High School”, if it is fraud how can I request my money back? Please reply back thank you

  2. Adults can earn a regionally a accredited high school diploma online by completing State graduation requirements. When earning a high school diploma online, students complete 21.5-24 carnegie credits by completing the same courses that are offered by a public high school.

    Students can take GED Prep online, but the test must be done in person. Adults can either earn a regionally accredited high school diploma online, or a GED credential in person.

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